Bone Ridge Augmentation

If you have lost a tooth or are planning to have a tooth extraction, our dentists may recommend that you receive a bone ridge augmentation. This oral surgery procedure helps ensure that your supporting jawbone remains strong and healthy to support your teeth or implants.

What Is Bone Ridge Augmentation?

Ridge augmentation is a type of bone grafting procedure used to recreate the natural contour of your gums and jawbone following tooth and bone loss. The alveolar ridge, or the bone that surrounds and supports the roots of the teeth, may deteriorate after tooth loss and leave an indentation in your jawbone. Ridge augmentation corrects this indentation, restoring the original height and width of your jawbone.

What Happens During Ridge Augmentation?

When you receive a ridge augmentation, our periodontist will carefully fill the indented area of the jawbone with bone grafting material to rebuild your supporting bone. This gives you a more natural appearance and makes it possible for you to receive dental implant placement without any issues.

Ridge augmentation is typically recommended right after a tooth is extracted or lost, as performing this procedure at that time can prevent the need for additional procedures at a later day. However, our periodontist can perform a ridge augmentation at a later time as well.

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