Surgical Guides

Our experienced dentists may use a surgical guide when providing implant placement or other oral surgery procedures. These guides help ensure that your procedure is as precise and effective as possible so that you can enjoy excellent results and receive the quality care you need to regain a healthy mouth and smile.

What Is a Surgical Guide?

A surgical guide is a specialized technology and software program used to create more precise treatment plans and guides for oral surgery. This technology uses advanced computer technology in combination with cone beam 3D imaging to achieve accurate, optimal procedures and give you a result that is long-lasting and which will help you improve your oral health and function.

Computer Guided Implant Placement

When you receive a dental implant, our dentists will use a surgical guide to ensure precise implant placement. Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that are surgically placed in the jawbone at the location of the missing tooth. Replacing a missing tooth with an implant ensures that your teeth and smile have a stable foundation and that your final result looks, feels and functions exactly like your original teeth so that you can smile, eat and speak with total confidence. A computer-guided implant placement helps ensure that your implant post is optimally placed in your jawbone, giving you the best possible results for your smile going forward.

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