iTero® Digital Scanner

Here at TLC Escondido Dental, we use the iTero® digital scanner to view detailed, three-dimensional images of your teeth and mouth. These images are used in a variety of treatments to provide you with the comfortable and effective care you need to enjoy a healthy smile.

What is iTero Digital Scanning?

iTero digital scanning is a state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology. This technology captures high-quality images of your teeth and supporting structures in full color, allowing our dentists to easily distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue, build accurate digital models and impressions, and create appliances and restorations that fit perfectly and function properly for you. This advanced technology can even simulate your treatment results, allowing you to see what your smile will look like after your treatment is complete.

How Does iTero Digital Scanning Work?

Our dentists and team will use a small wand to quickly and comfortably scan the inside of your mouth. As this wand passes over your teeth it will capture and process the images simultaneously to provide an immediate, complete and highly accurate image of your mouth. The wand captures up to 20 images per second, and the pictures are saved automatically every few seconds to prevent the need for a second scan. We can also start and stop your scan as needed to ensure your comfort during the imaging process.

Digital Scanning & Invisalign® Clear Aligners

iTero digital scanning is a key part of Invisalign treatment. Your Invisalign treatment begins with a digital scan, which captures detailed, 3D images of your teeth. These images are used to simulate your treatment plan, showing you the end result of your smile after it is properly aligned. They are also used to create the customized aligners used throughout your treatment to straighten your teeth.

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