3D Printer

Dr. Jorge Reyes and Dr. Catalina Madrigal use advanced 3D printing technology to provide many of your treatments. This technology is highly versatile, allowing you to receive the care you need and regain your smile with less hassle and greater comfort.

When Is 3D Printing Used?

Our dentists and team use 3D printing technology when creating restorations and oral appliances, such as:

When you receive a restoration or appliance made using 3D printing technology, our dentists will first take a digital impression of your teeth and mouth. From this impression we will design and create the model from which the restoration or appliance will be printed.

Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing offers a multitude of benefits. These include:

  • Quality control — our dentists and team can ensure that your restoration and appliance is of the highest quality
  • Increased comfort — your restoration will fit your teeth, mouth and smile perfectly
  • Enhanced oral health and aesthetics both immediately and long-term
  • Greater convenience — your treatment can be completed entirely in our office
  • Reduced overall treatment time
  • Reduced treatment cost

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