About Us


Mission & Philosophy
TLC Escondido Dental, as a part of the continuing tradition of the dental profession, is committed to provide quality dental care to our patients and to serve as a source of information and education to the community. Through our dedication to excellence in teaching and buying argumentative thesis research, TLC Escondido Dental strives to develop technically and diagnostically skilled, scientifically based, socially and ethically sensitive personalized dental care as we stay committed to continued professional growth and development. Dr. Theresa L. Cutler strives to serve as a benchmark for effective community and things to give an informative speech on professional collaborations that promote innovations in evidence-based personalized dental care.

TLC Escondido Dental is a general dental practice committed to providing the highest standard of dental care. Dr Skip Weigel has been an integral part of the Escondido Community since the commencement of the practice in 1972 where he has catered for the dental health needs of families in not only Escondido but also surrounding areas; San Marcos, Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Bernardo, Vista, Valley Center and beyond. We strive to continue our quality dental care for the Escondido and surrounding area for a long time to come!

We know that you have a choice of dentists and we want you to feel confident that we are the best one for you! That’s why we take the time to provide personalized dental care and treatment for each of our patients. Our patient is always our number one priority!

Promise to You
My professional promise to you is that I will provide you with no less than excellent quality care with diligence and compassion! I look forward to meeting you and my hopes are that you will be as excited about our future as I am.writing help