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White Fillings in Escondido

Stop tooth decay in its tracks

Cavities can happen to anyone 

Even those with perfect brushing and flossing habits. In fact, about 91% of people deal with tooth decay at some point! 

At TLC Escondido Dental, we tend to take a conservative approach to cavities. However, if we notice the decay is advancing or at risk of jeopardizing a tooth, we offer modern white fillings to bring your tooth back to pristine condition.

What is a dental filling?

When bacteria, acid, and food debris collect on your teeth, plaque forms. The acids produced by bacteria in plaque will dissolve the enamel on your tooth, creating a hole called a cavity. Left unmonitored by a dentist and untreated, the cavity can run rampant, spreading down through your tooth. You may eventually need a root canal or even an extraction. 

Thankfully, a dental filling can stop a cavity from ever advancing to this “point of no return.”

A dental filling is the most common treatment for cavities. This procedure involves removing decay in your tooth. From there, our dentist fills the empty cavity with a white filling material, restoring its normal function and shape.

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Why white fillings?

  • Made from a natural-looking composite material
  • White fillings are durable and long lasting
  • Easier to place and requires the removal of less healthy tooth structure
  • Custom-made to match the natural color of your teeth

What to expect from a tooth filling

  1. Our dentists will make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed, and fully numb before getting started
  2. Next, our dentist will carefully remove the decayed tooth structure from your tooth
  3. We’ll build up the composite filling and match the color to your natural tooth
  4. The last steps are polishing the filling, checking your bite, and making any final adjustments

At TLC Escondido Dental, getting a filling is a simple, pain-free, and effective procedure!

Hear from our patients


Karin R.

My husband Gary recently had a new crown made at TLC Dental using a state of the art machine called Cerec. The entire procedure was completed in just a few hours start to finish and the crown is absolutely beautiful! One visit that was it! I can’t tell you how grateful he was to miss only a few hours of work to have this procedure done in 1 visit!  As my husband always tells me they are the best dentist we have ever had. So lucky to call them ours! Thank you TLC!


Gerald E.

Excellent customer service!
From the front desk staff to the assistants!
You’ll be pleased!

Meet your dentists

Drs. Reyes & Madrigal are dedicated to helping you understand the importance of a preventive approach to oral health. Our patients know that we take twice-a-year cleanings and checkups very seriously. That’s because the key to treating cavities is early detection. Working together, we’ll keep a close eye on any cavities, making sure they never have a chance to cause big problems for your health.

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Getting started is simple

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