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Laser Bacterial Reduction in Escondido

Painless gum disease treatment

Zap away gum-disease causing bacteria

At TLC Escondido Dental, we believe you deserve the best. We invest in the latest technology and equipment to deliver superior care. The laser bacterial reduction treatment is one of the best new tools at our disposal. This laser treatment reduces and eliminates gum-disease causing bacteria in your mouth — all without any discomfort. 

We’re proud to offer laser bacterial reduction as a compliment to your regular dental hygiene appointments or on an as-needed basis. Talk with us to find out if this quick, painless, and highly effective treatment is right for you.

What is laser bacterial reduction?

At any given time, there are 10-50 million bacteria living in your mouth — most good, some bad. Proper brushing, flossing, and dental hygiene visits help fight bad bacteria and keep your mouth healthy. But sometimes, it’s not enough. Left for too long, bacteria can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and more.

Laser bacterial reduction is a modern solution for fighting bad bacteria. This painless procedure takes 10 minutes at most and reduces the bacterial count in your mouth for up to 6 weeks. 

Benefits of a laser bacterial reduction treatment include:

  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination within the mouth during cleaning and treatments
  • Immune system boost and overall improvement to your health
  • Periodontal tissue stimulation, making your gums more resistant to infection
  • Fast, non-invasive, and painless
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    Do you need laser bacterial reduction treatment?

    We recommend combining this treatment with your twice-a-year dental cleaning and exam. This laser treatment is especially beneficial for those who…

    • Haven’t had a dental cleaning in a long time
    • Suffer from bleeding or inflamed gums when brushing and flossing
    • Suffer from heart trouble
    • Are immunocompromised
    • Have diabetes
    • Have been diagnosed with gum disease

    What to expect from a laser bacterial reduction treatment

    1. Sit back and relax with some light-blocking glasses.

    2. We’ll get to work using our non-cutting dental laser. 

    3. We’ll direct the high-intensity light energy of the laser around your teeth and gums.

    4. It takes us about 10 minutes (often less!) to use the laser on your entire mouth — you won’t feel a thing!

    That’s it! At TLC Escondido Dental, we’re excited to offer this super fast and effective treatment with long-lasting results.

    Hear from our patients


    Karin R.

    My husband Gary recently had a new crown made at TLC Dental using a state of the art machine called Cerec. The entire procedure was completed in just a few hours start to finish and the crown is absolutely beautiful! One visit that was it! I can’t tell you how grateful he was to miss only a few hours of work to have this procedure done in 1 visit!  As my husband always tells me they are the best dentist we have ever had. So lucky to call them ours! Thank you TLC!


    Gerald E.

    Excellent customer service!
    From the front desk staff to the assistants!
    You’ll be pleased!

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    About 80% of people suffer from gum disease, but here at our Escondido office, we’re committed to reducing this number by helping our patients achieve great oral health.

    Drs. Reyes & Madrigal and our entire team are proud to offer minimally-invasive and proven gum disease treatments. We take a personalized and high-tech approach to helping ease discomfort, prevent tooth loss, and keep your gums in great shape.

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    Reduce and eliminate bacteria in your mouth

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