Dental Implants


implants_drawingCrowns and conventional bridges or dentures may not be your only options when replacing missing teeth. For some people, dental implants offer a smile that looks and feels very natural. Dr. Cutler along with her referring specialists can provide you with teeth that look and feel like your natural teeth once did. Surgically placed below the gums over a series of appointments, implants fuse to the jawbone and serve as a base for individual replacement teeth, bridges or a denture.

Implants offer stability because they fuse to your bone. Integration of the implants into your jaw also helps your replacement teeth feel more natural and some people also find the secure fit more comfortable than conventional substitutes.

implants_dentureCandidates for dental implants need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. Dr. Cutler provides a thorough evaluation that will help determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants; including but not limited to: medical evaluation, bone evaluation, nerve evaluation, evaluation of your sinus cavities and oral health evaluation. Once Dr. Cutler does a thorough evaluation she than makes study models and takes special x-rays to treatment plan the best placement of the implant.

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